Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweets and treats

Besides terrific chocolates, candies, and confections, we also have a number of mixes for things like pancakes, scones, cherry cobbler (my fave - not too sweet), lemon bars, breads, cakes and cupcakes.

Since I'm now getting better w/the picture thing, I took this cute pic of Rachel this afternoon at our little baking area in the front of the store. In case you can't tell, those are scone mixes she's showing off in her best Vanna White imitation.

I think my favorite mix is the cherry cobbler from Plentiful Pantry. To quote my favorite Food Network chef, Paula Dean, it's 'Slap your Mama' delicious. I put in a little cinnamon and a tad more butter than the recipe called for (again, Paula Dean!). We had a good healthy dinner first, so the guilt wasn't so intense when we topped the hot cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
It made enough for six large servings - you could get more if you were so inclined, but at the Galoob household, we don't believe in mamby-pamby servings!

This weekend I'm going for the chocolate orange pound cake mix, but I use the brownie recipe on the side of the box, and I do a trick I learned from...guess who? Paula-again. Arteries, prepare yourselves!
I pour half the brownie mixture in the baking dish, then add individual Van Lys orange truffles in the center of what would be each brownie, then top w/the remaining mix. about rich and delicious...they were fabulous, and my mouth is already watering.

As soon as I recuperate from the chocolate overload this weekend, I'll get back to biz and will write more later. Until then, sweet (chocolate) dreams!

Adios amigos....
Lady Gy

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  1. Gyan--The blog is looking great! Glad you figured out how to add pictures so that we can "visit" the candy store online.
    Good to talk with you today.