Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Initially Yours

Since I own a candy/chocolate store, you'd think I'd be writing about candy, right?
Well, candy is dandy....but Mud Pie is definitely a winner with us!

We just got in yet more of their monogrammed glass pieces. This stuff is hot!
Customers are excited about the reasonable prices, the good looking packaging, and the variety of items from the line that make great gifts - perfect for weddings and showers, birthday and hostess gifts.
We did a little study and found that we've sold several hundred of their cutting boards and bottle stoppers. Next best seller - the cheese trays w/speaders. These aren't glass, they're ceramic. Maurice and I had a 'discussion' at market last year about which item (cutting boards or cheese trays) we would sell the most of. Neither of us would budge, so we bit the bullet and brought in the whole line which, at that time, just consisted of those two items.
Since then, we've brought in Mud Pie's monogrammed bottle stoppers, glass frames, square trays, tidbit dishes (s/4), tumblers (s/4), wine glasses (s/4), and decanters.
We've also ordered their initial Christmas hand towels, coasters, and ornaments that come in the cutest packaging we've seen in a long time!
The initial trend continues, and Mud Pie just keeps putting out more and better stuff!
Next time, I'll tell you about their adorable cosmetic bags, can coozies, triple notepads, card cases, etc.
Nice to know that some customers are realizing we really are more than just a candy store!