Thursday, June 4, 2009

Did it again!

I did it again....I arrived here and am able to post again! Yea...

I'm sending out a Candygram tonight....can't wait to tell the readers about the nostalgia gum that just came back in...Blackjack, Clove, and everybody's favorite, Beeman's. Just smelling that stuff takes me back. Growing up, we always chewed those gums when we could find them. When I quit smoking twenty years (and 100 lbs.) ago, I ate a lot of horehound candy and chewed a lot of Clove & Beeman's gum, yet I still love them all!

The former manufacturers sold the recipes and product to Cadbury, who thought 'out of sight, out of mind' for over three years. They just stopped making it - figured it wasn't a big enough seller, and didn't add that much to their bottom line.

Well, let me tell you - enough hell was raised that they said "Uncle", and they've been promising to make it for over a year now. We had to order (last fall), and that's all we'll be able to get. We ordered over a thousand packs of the silly gum! Gosh, I hope a lot of people remember it and will 'come and get it'.

Anyway, the cases of it are stacked right around the corner from our office, and as I sit here typing this blog, I'm smelling those wonderful, spicy aromas!

Gotta go get me some GUM!

Later -

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  1. Hey Gyan. I found your blog! I'm excited. Let me know if you can't figure out how to upload pictures. Look at all of the icons that are on your toolbar when you are typing a new post. There is one that looks like a photo. Click it, and it will ask you to choose a picture from your computer. Choose the photo, and it will just put it at the top of your post. If you want to move the picture down or something, just cut and paste all of the code for the picture. You'll see what I mean. I promise it's easy!