Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Okay - I'm here! Now what?

I don't even know how I arrived here, but I think this will serve as the first ever Candy Basket blog!

For those of you stumbling across this blog, let me introduce myself - I'm Gyan, co-owner w/my husband Maurice, of a terrific little candy/gift shop in Norman, Oklahoma: The Candy Basket.

We've been in biz since we first opened in Moore, Ok. back in 1984, and we moved to Carriage Plaza in Norman back in July of 1989...yes, TWENTY years ago! Since then, we've expanded to twice the space we had then, and we're not expanding again, even though the space next to us is vacant right now! God forbid...Maurice would divorce me if I even so much as hinted that I wanted to expand again!

We are a great candy/chocolate/coffee/tea shop, but we specialize in 'chick gifts'...everything from engraved compacts to note pads, magnets, office stuff, tampon cases, martini & wine glasses, inital cosmetic bags, wallets, tableware....too much to mention.

We have an extensive mailing list - if you'd like to be added, just go to the 'contact us' section at our website:

We also have an electronic mailing list. We send out 'Candygrams' periodically, and we offer Candygram specials to our dear readers. If you'd like to be included, just send us your e-mail.

I assure you, your info will not be shared with anyone or sold to anyone! It's basically for my eyes only, as I'm the one who does the Candygrams....I think I do a better, more interesting job when I have a glass or two of wine before I sit down to compose at the computer!

We're having a sidewalk sale next weekend for three days - June 11, 12, & 13th. I hope the weather doesn't do bad things. Even so, we have a huge over-hang, and for the right price, anyone is probably willing to get a little damp if necessary!

I'll send updates later. Suffice it to say that for now, I'm growing out of the 'dinosaur' mode and trying to make friends w/my computer!!

Ta-ta everyone.....

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