Monday, June 29, 2009

July 4th Holiday

Independence Day is Saturday!

We're really looking forward to an actual two day weekend! Yep, The Candy Basket will be closed Saturday and we'll have two entire days to play!!

Let me tell you about some of the neat July 4th treats and decorative accessories we have.

See these cool martini glasses in the picture above? They have cute little red, blue, or clear stars on the stems, and are perfect for weekend beverages. Heck, even water tastes and looks better in these adorable glasses!

I like to put out a few things to decorate for the various holidays and seasons, and there are a lot of patriotic accessories to choose from this year at The Candy Basket.

Check out these handsome Jim Shore figurines below. I like to put this sort of decorative piece on a table by our front door, or on the buffet in the dining room in front of the big mirror, or in a bookcase in the den. I do the same with seasonal cookie jars - just one or two will make a big statement in our home and yours!

There's a terrific infused glass patriotic chip & dip, too. Pour some of our fantastic (Oklahoma made) peach salsa in that little glass bowl, and spread our tortilla chips, also Oklahoma made from red, white, and blue corn!

We're going to kick back, have some chips and salsa, and our enjoy our new favorite drink - Beer-tinis. Here's the (easy) recipe:

Empty one can of frozen limeade concentrate in a large pitcher. Fill that can with lemon vodka, and add to limeade. Stir, then add three 12 oz bottles of premium beer.

This sounded a little strange to me, but let me assure you - it's a great, refreshing cocktail you and your weekend guests will love, especially when served in those cute little red/white/blue star martini glasses!

My family loves this holiday - not only for the time off, but for the child it brings out in all of us. Cookouts, croquet, watermelon seed spitting contests, fireworks...all great memories of carefree summer days.

Hope y'all have a safe, fun-filled weekend!

Later -
Madame G

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