Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner!  We haven't had a chance to do anything special at the shop for a while, so we're celebrating the day with another  "Sip & Shop"!
Festivities get underway at 5:00 next Wednesday.   Several of our 'hot and spicy' foods will be served, as well as liquid refreshments.
Best of all, we're offering 25% off STOREWIDE (except coffee).  
It's the perfect time for some last minute Mother's Day and Graduation gift shopping, as well as general "I Want it" shopping for all of us!
We're going to shut down at 7, so for two hours next Wednesday, we hope we have lots of celebrants who will join us with a little spicy sipping & shopping!
Mamasita Gyan

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The French Connection

Looks good, doesn't it? Guess IS good! Tres' bien! It's straight from Paris, by a great chocolatier named Michel Cluizel.  He's been creating artisan chocolates since 1948, so I guess he knows his stuff!
Enchante', Michel!

We're proud to announce the arrival (today!) of these terrific truffles and bonbons (bites).
The two featured here are the Cappucino cup, which features a dark chocolate cup filled with coffee and milk chocolate ganache, and the Champignon Caramel, a cute little mushroom filled with caramel croquant.

Other flavors we are now carrying include lots of fancy French names I can't read OR pronounce!  Suffice it to say I'm going to give you a rundown on flavors and let you come in and try your hand at proper pronunciation!

Flavors include a dark chocolate cork filled with a Bordeaux ganache, dark chocolate with lemon marmalade, Cointreau with orange peel marmalade, a dark cup filled with hazelnut praline' and topped with gianduja, a huge raspberry truffle paste enrobed in dark chocolate, a dark chocolate piece filled with coffee ganache topped off with a speck of (edible) gold, Cointreau with dried fruit pieces, and one more dark chocolate with Los Ancones ganache.

We'd love to introduce you to these pieces!  Michel Cluizel is basically the quintessential chocolate, and we feel we have a very pleasing assortment with this first order!  

Bon soir,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Administrative Professionals' Day

Next Wednesday is the official Administrative Professional's Day, and we all know what happens when the boss forgets...that's why it's been broadened to include the entire week!!
These delicious Nam's Bits cookies will be a thoughtful way to thank your 'peeps' for all they do...and perhaps more importantly, there are plenty to share in each bag!!  Yeah!
If one bag of delicious baby chocolate chip cookies seems inadequate, we'll be glad to help you give bigger thanks!  How about adding a box of Godiva chocolate, perhaps some coffees or teas, a bag or two of candy, and other delicious treats?  We'll put them all in a gift box/bag for you, add an enclosure card, and we'll even deliver to your office! 
We also have a great assortment of Anne Taintor's outrageous office-related items, like coffee mugs, sticky-notes, file folders, notebooks, boxes of notes, even emery boards!  Anne's off-beat humor is matched with vintage images, and brings howls of laughter to everyone who eyes it!  Some of our favorite phrases are "Someone called about something", "Why, yes, I am over-qualified", and my personal fave "She rather enjoyed working for an idiot"!!!!!
Whatever you decide to do for your Ad-Pro, let her/him know how much you appreciate them!
The boss lady,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter, be gone!

Easter, you are my favorite time of year in our little store, but all good things must end.  Sorry, but you gotta go!
We've reduced the price of ALL of our Easter merchandise, including CANDY!  
Won't y'all be kind enough to drop by, look it over, and puh-leeeeze buy it!  It's like we're paying you to take it off our hands at these prices! 
It's adios to Easter for this year....we'll have a grand old time next year, I promise!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cuppa' Joe

That's me in the morning>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Just give me a coffee I.V. and I'm okay.
Well...not exactly! See, I love the sound of the beans grinding, the aroma of the coffee brewing, the pouring of it so there's plenty of 'crema', and I love the taste of it!
Did you know we carry 100% Arabica whole bean coffee here at the shop?  Yep - we have since we first opened our doors way back when (1983), and although there's a lot of competition now, we still sell what we consider to be some of the best coffees around!

 We bring in  most of our coffee in whole beans, but we are always  glad to grind it for your coffee maker, and there's never a charge.
One of our favorite non-flavored coffees is from the La Minita Plantation in Costa Rica. We carry the La Minita coffee two ways - light (regular) roast, and Viennese roast, which is darker and has a more intense, pronounced flavor.  We also blend the two.  You'll never guess what we call it?!  La Minita Blend!  We're so stinkin' clever!

We carry coffee primarily from two suppliers - White House Coffee Company in New  York, and Neighbors Coffee in good old Okie City!  For years, Neighbors "Snickerdoodle" has been our best selling flavored coffee.   We also love our White House Creme' de Noisette (Hazelnut), and when we blend the two, it's an incredible aroma and taste.  We call it "Hazel-doodle"...again with the clever!!
We offer other blends, too, and several varieties of decaf.
Whole bean or ground, there's nothing like a good, fresh hot cuppa joe to get the morning (or afternoon) started.

As we always say in our 'tag line', we're more than just a candy store!

The spoiled sipper,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt, CB Style!'s our own special version of an Easter Egg Hunt!

Behind our counter is a basket full of special Easter eggs, each with a slip of paper offering a different discount amount.

When you come shop Friday and Saturday, let us know you saw this blog post, and we'll let you 'hunt' for your own egg!
We'll then take that discount of your entire purchase!!

Sweet treats for Easter are still available.  Hop on in to The Candy Basket, where we're more than just a candy store!!

Mama Bunny