Monday, November 16, 2009

What every good kid wants for Christmas!

I think every good boy and girl should get one of these in their stocking this Christmas!  For four nears now, these Poo Pooing Reindeer have been a HUGE hit with parents (and especially Grandparents) for the kiddos!  

Also, the past three years, this guy's been a bit hit.....

I feel sortof bad showing every child's beloved Santa in such a compromising position, but hey, if you gotta go.....well, you know!  
Hopefully your little ones will get one of these in their stockings!  They're in stock and hot right now at The Candy Basket, where we're more than just a candy store!!
Mrs. Claus (a.k.a. Gyan)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Long days!

Boy, have these been a couple of long days! 

We're overwhelmed with all the candy and freight that has come in this past week, and we can't seem to scratch the surface!  We all have been unpacking, pricing, displaying and generally working like dogs all week long, and we've barely put a dent in the massive stacks of boxes in our back room!  I'd invite you to come help unpack freight, but we don't pay very well...we just make you eat your weight in candy & chocolate!
Anyway, today is a short day - we're only open till 5 on Saturdays, and about 4:00 all three of us working just started to wilt!  I can't remember the last time I spent my time 'watching the clock', but I sure did today!
5:00 couldn't get here fast enough...I want to go home and lean back in my chair, have an adult beverage, and watch the Sooners play!  Sadly, I'll probably be asleep by second quarter!  Hope the days next week just fly by!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Harry & David's Moose Munch party drum....YUM! Great gift for an office staff - feeds a lot of people! Inside are a variety of different Moose Munch flavors, and there's enough to feed a large crowd. 
We also have boxes of these terrific salty/sweet snacks in Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, Milk with macadamia nuts, and Caramel with cashews & almonds. 
This stuff is delicious and has been a great seller for us since we began carrying it several years ago.
FYI - hope you're checking our blog every day, because  I'm going to try to blog daily until Christmas to give you   gift-giving ideas....or atleast show you enough mouth-watering products that you decide to give YOURSELF a gift!

Santa Gyan


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tomorrow is Friday, the 13th......know what that means?  That means we'll be putting everything in the store (except food, drink, and holiday items) on sale at HALF OFF!
I think I might have created a monster back when we started doing this years ago!  I thought it would be fun to 'embrace' the dreaded date instead of hiding under covers!  
Well, our wonderful, loyal customers certainly don't stay under the covers long on any given Friday, the 13th, because they've learned that they can save big if they come shop with us!
The only time we don't do it is when it's February 13th, which is actually our biggest day of the year!  No way would we be able to conduct a's all we can do to keep up with the demand for Valentine's Day goodies on that day! 
Anyway...back to tomorrow.  I hope we're able to clear out a good deal of everyday stock, because we are stuffed to the brim and beyond in our back room, and simply have to make room for more great stuff!
If you're reading this, then I invite you to come shop/save tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at The Candy Basket.

Until then-
I remain your faithful candy lady, Lady Gy

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


 So how do these suit your fancy? 
These incredible truffles/fudge balls arrived today at The Candy Basket, and our taste-testers give them two thumbs up!!  We brought in ten flavors of these New Mexico delicacies:
  • Ommm... - Organic Californian orange, rich Indian chai spices, and a generous jolt of Triple Sec orange liqueur.  Feel the groove?!
  • Lemon Shiver - Bold, fresh & fruity, infused with pure organic lemon.  An amazing taste sensation.
  • Santa's Addiction - Zingy mint meets extra dark chocolate.  Two kinds of pure peppermint infuse this sweetie.
  • Blame Canada - AN amazing match of pure Vermont & Canadian maple with dark chocolate and the crunch of Turbinado sugar.
  • Cuppa Joe - An irresistible combo of espresso & chocolate.  Rich, fragrant, and filled with deep flavors.  Topped with an espresso bean.
  • Hang Loose - Fragrant coconut fudge.  Pairing dark chocolate and white chocolate fudge.
  • Gilligan's Fave - Wild ginger fudge!  It's sweet, floral, earthy, and spicy. 
  • Yo-Ho-Ho - The boldness of darm rum with dark chocolate.
  • Hottie - Mexican cinnamon & New Mexican red hot chili fudge. Spicy!                                 
  • Naked Hottie (MY FAVE!!!) - Rich Mexican canela cinnamon, with rich Mayan spices.
The good folks at Cocopotomus offer a smoother, less sweet,  and more sophisticated fudge.  These products are all natural - no preservatives, no corn syrup, no wheat or gluten.  
The Candy Basket staff has decided these are our new favorites, and I sure hope you like them!  Come in (and ask real nice!) and I just might give you a little sample!  You'll LOVE 'em!



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tis the season!

They're back!!! Our best ever candy -
We only have 500 pounds of them in the back room, right around the corner from our office. My goodness, is certainly smells good in here! And they taste better than they smell even - like fresh, sweet plums!
These candies are so sweet and special, we sell out every year, no matter how many we bring in.
However, sugar plums are not the only
candies that arrived today! We got a
total of over 2,800 pounds of candy!!
It takes a lot of elves to get that much candy checked in, unpacked, priced, displayed, bagged, etc.!

This is the time of year when our store starts to take on a special holiday aura....we love the colors, smells, and music of the season, and the whole store is alive with Christmas and Hanukkah!

Of course, you know we're more than just a candy store, so we have plenty of good gifts, too. So many, in fact, that we still have about 30 cases of goods in storage, waiting on space on our shelves!

Lots of work - lots of fun!! Come see us.....and if you ask nicely, I'll play like the Sugar Plum Fairy and give you some candy!!

S.P.F Gyan

Monday, November 2, 2009

Oops! We have officially run out of room already! Our dilemma means a good deal for you! From now until Friday, the 13th, we are offering these beautiful sets of four initial tidbit trays at 20% off.
They are regularly $24.99, and from now till our Triskadekaphobia sale, they're only $19.99 a set. Come one, come all.....get 'em while the gettin's good! They are from the same company (Mud Pie) that we love so much, and today while re-arranging our display shelves to make room for all the Christmas merchandise, we realized we don't have enough room to show them off or store them, so they're on sale. Hope you'll be by to take a look at all the coordinating pieces, too! Happy November everyone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Countdown

Can you believe there are only 45 more shopping days till Christmas? That's if you don't go shopping on Sunday, which you probably won't this year, because The Candy Basket is not going to be open on Sundays this holiday season.

With our various health issues and over-worked staff, we decided to give ourselves a present this season - Sundays! A day to rest....yea!

BUT...when you want to shop Monday-Saturday at The Candy Basket, here are a couple of neat, inexpensive ideas for those folks who are hard to buy for.....

These super cool initial ornaments pictured above come packed in their own little houses! What a great gift for just about anyone! As long as you know the initial their names start with, we can fix you up with gifts for all those 'difficult' people!

Teachers, hostesses, family members...these are just some of the people for whom these ornaments would fit the bill.

These cute little packages are actually high-quality absorbent paper coasters, packaged to look like ornaments! They also perfect for hostess gifts, or for anyone that doesn't need a single thing!

Both of these are from one of our favorite companies - Mud Pie.
We've been buying from them for about 20 years, from when they were first selling gold leaf ceramics! Now they've emerged to be one of our top selling companies to work with, thanks in part to their impressive monogrammed selections. We're delighted to offer their fine products for everyday and for Holiday.

I did a post several months ago about the popularity of their vast initial items - glass trays, ceramic cheese trays, wooden cutting boards, glass decanters, wine glasses, etc.
Well, they've come out with way too many new cute holiday items, and we carefully selected these (plus a few others) for you to purchase this season.

They're affordable, tasteful, and ready to go. Packaging is top notch, and product is even better!

Remember - only 45 shopping days left at The Candy Basket, where we're more than just a candy store!