Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cuppa' Joe

That's me in the morning>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Just give me a coffee I.V. and I'm okay.
Well...not exactly! See, I love the sound of the beans grinding, the aroma of the coffee brewing, the pouring of it so there's plenty of 'crema', and I love the taste of it!
Did you know we carry 100% Arabica whole bean coffee here at the shop?  Yep - we have since we first opened our doors way back when (1983), and although there's a lot of competition now, we still sell what we consider to be some of the best coffees around!

 We bring in  most of our coffee in whole beans, but we are always  glad to grind it for your coffee maker, and there's never a charge.
One of our favorite non-flavored coffees is from the La Minita Plantation in Costa Rica. We carry the La Minita coffee two ways - light (regular) roast, and Viennese roast, which is darker and has a more intense, pronounced flavor.  We also blend the two.  You'll never guess what we call it?!  La Minita Blend!  We're so stinkin' clever!

We carry coffee primarily from two suppliers - White House Coffee Company in New  York, and Neighbors Coffee in good old Okie City!  For years, Neighbors "Snickerdoodle" has been our best selling flavored coffee.   We also love our White House Creme' de Noisette (Hazelnut), and when we blend the two, it's an incredible aroma and taste.  We call it "Hazel-doodle"...again with the clever!!
We offer other blends, too, and several varieties of decaf.
Whole bean or ground, there's nothing like a good, fresh hot cuppa joe to get the morning (or afternoon) started.

As we always say in our 'tag line', we're more than just a candy store!

The spoiled sipper,

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