Saturday, April 17, 2010

Administrative Professionals' Day

Next Wednesday is the official Administrative Professional's Day, and we all know what happens when the boss forgets...that's why it's been broadened to include the entire week!!
These delicious Nam's Bits cookies will be a thoughtful way to thank your 'peeps' for all they do...and perhaps more importantly, there are plenty to share in each bag!!  Yeah!
If one bag of delicious baby chocolate chip cookies seems inadequate, we'll be glad to help you give bigger thanks!  How about adding a box of Godiva chocolate, perhaps some coffees or teas, a bag or two of candy, and other delicious treats?  We'll put them all in a gift box/bag for you, add an enclosure card, and we'll even deliver to your office! 
We also have a great assortment of Anne Taintor's outrageous office-related items, like coffee mugs, sticky-notes, file folders, notebooks, boxes of notes, even emery boards!  Anne's off-beat humor is matched with vintage images, and brings howls of laughter to everyone who eyes it!  Some of our favorite phrases are "Someone called about something", "Why, yes, I am over-qualified", and my personal fave "She rather enjoyed working for an idiot"!!!!!
Whatever you decide to do for your Ad-Pro, let her/him know how much you appreciate them!
The boss lady,

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