Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tomorrow is Friday, the 13th......know what that means?  That means we'll be putting everything in the store (except food, drink, and holiday items) on sale at HALF OFF!
I think I might have created a monster back when we started doing this years ago!  I thought it would be fun to 'embrace' the dreaded date instead of hiding under covers!  
Well, our wonderful, loyal customers certainly don't stay under the covers long on any given Friday, the 13th, because they've learned that they can save big if they come shop with us!
The only time we don't do it is when it's February 13th, which is actually our biggest day of the year!  No way would we be able to conduct a's all we can do to keep up with the demand for Valentine's Day goodies on that day! 
Anyway...back to tomorrow.  I hope we're able to clear out a good deal of everyday stock, because we are stuffed to the brim and beyond in our back room, and simply have to make room for more great stuff!
If you're reading this, then I invite you to come shop/save tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at The Candy Basket.

Until then-
I remain your faithful candy lady, Lady Gy

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