Saturday, November 14, 2009

Long days!

Boy, have these been a couple of long days! 

We're overwhelmed with all the candy and freight that has come in this past week, and we can't seem to scratch the surface!  We all have been unpacking, pricing, displaying and generally working like dogs all week long, and we've barely put a dent in the massive stacks of boxes in our back room!  I'd invite you to come help unpack freight, but we don't pay very well...we just make you eat your weight in candy & chocolate!
Anyway, today is a short day - we're only open till 5 on Saturdays, and about 4:00 all three of us working just started to wilt!  I can't remember the last time I spent my time 'watching the clock', but I sure did today!
5:00 couldn't get here fast enough...I want to go home and lean back in my chair, have an adult beverage, and watch the Sooners play!  Sadly, I'll probably be asleep by second quarter!  Hope the days next week just fly by!
Have a great weekend!

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