Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Warehouse Sale Weekend

Every year, Melissa Kahn at Mel's Kloset organizes/orchestrates a wonderful warehouse sale that brings together about a dozen of Norman's 'boutique' merchants who need to move inventory.
Well, we're having this sale this Sunday, the 26th, from 11-4 at The Holiday Inn in one of the ballrooms.
Some of the merchants are first-timers, and some of us have been around the block a time or two! This year, a dozen of us are going to be there......Savvy, Estella Ray's, Anita's Accessories, Tulips, Violet Avenue, The Tulip Tree, Appello, and several others will be setting up 'shop' for the day.

I remember last year's was CRAZY! A bunch of us retailers were setting up, getting ready for the doors to open, and chatting with each other, talking shop, and actually shopping for ourselves. At the appointed time, the doors were opened, and it was like a scene out of a movie...women were swarming the area, scouting out deals, grabbing things left and right, and having a genuine blast!

Yes, I have to's a big ass sale! We're going to have stuff as low as $1, and we want to be empty-handed when we walk out of the Holiday Inn once the sale's over!
can't wait to see what the other merchants have, too. Last year I got some great jewelry and purses, and I know other stores have some fantastic buys. Hope I can scope them out before the doors open (it's the advantage of being a shop keeper!).

C'mon in Sunday to the Holiday Inn. Melissa and Marcy will be manning (woman-ing?) our tables, and they'll give you some deals like you wouldn't believe!


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