Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey - Check us out!

The warehouse sale was a tremendous success! We took ten boxes of merchandise for the sale, and came back home almost empty handed! YEA! Thanks to all of you who visited and shopped. I haven't checked with the other merchants yet, but judging from the crowd, everyone was pleased with the event.

A few weeks ago we were interviewed for an on-line production called "Uncovering Oklahoma". These two young guys were doing a story on sweets in Oklahoma, and they let me know today that the show is now airing!
Maurice and I are relatively pleased with the general outcome. However, mankind/womankind vanity afflicted us, and we critiqued ourselves.
His observations: He needs to smile more, and his voice is higher than he thought it was.
My observations: I need half of my neck liposuctioned out, and it's not necessary for me to stare adoringly at my husband the whole time, showing off my excessive neck fat!
Hope you enjoy the clip ( You might have to cut & paste):

See ya -

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