Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long time, no see

I suppose ten months is long enough to make you eager to read another blog post!
So much has happened...where to start?
I could bore you with details and go over every event, but I'll spare you the time, and let's just pick it up right here, right now...May 11, 2011!
We've had a great Spring so far, but today's weather was miserable...enough so that I found plenty of time to sit at the computer and write this blog!  
Here's a display we did this week.  Sometimes I don't understand why everyone doesn't love
some of our cool things as much as I do!  These apple candles are a great example...
I loved them, had to have them, ordered them, got them in the store, and there's been basically zero interest in them:-(  
I love that they're unscented, since we can't allow other aromas to mix with our chocolates/candies/coffee aromas.
I love that they're the cool color...they're like a permanent apple display for someone's kitchen, and they're still HERE...not on customers' kitchen counters!  WTH?!

 Anyway, Melissa never did like them and didn't want me to order them, but I was determined, and managed to spend a pretty penny buying so many.  Oh well, maybe I'll just have to change the color scheme in my own kitchen!

That's the thing about owning a retail one of my reps once said "It's all a crap shoot", and by golly, I think she was right!  I'm amazed at how quickly some things sell, while others (like these glorious candles) just sit and collect dust!

Anyway, the dust-ables will hopefully be gone Friday, as it's our traditional "Triskaidekaphobia Sale" which we have every Friday, the 13th.   Everything in the store is HALF PRICE (except food and drink), and we usually have a tremendous turnout.

So maybe, just maybe, our apple candles will appeal to half price!
Till next time,
Remember - an apple a day keeps the Dr. away!!!!


  1. I love them! Maybe I need some! :)

  2. your green apples...hope they all disappeared and thanks for the Friday the 13th "name" and idea.....copied it for next time. XOXO, Judy