Monday, March 8, 2010

Choclatique is here!

Our 'chocolate boutique' now features Choclatique chocolates!  Made in California, they are a great new find for us! Marcy and Melissa are showing off four of the new flavors....What's Up, Doc? (Carrot cake), key lime creme, Tuxedo mousse, and Grand Marnier Creme.  
The other new flavors we're proud to sell include Blue Ribbon Cherry Pie, Creme Brulee, Orangsicle, Root Beer Float, their Champagne truffle, made with Dom and adorned with (real) gold flecks, Cherry Creme, Strawberry Creme, and Blueberry Creme!
We love bringing in new and exciting flavors, and Choclatique is going to be a big hit!
If you 'dream in chocolate', come see us during your waking hours!
Madame Chocolate (a.k.a. Gyan)

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  1. Thanks for including us in your chocolate line up. We love introducing our award winning, Authentically American, artisan Choclatique Chocolate to new chocoholics in the OK State.

    My favorite is still Bubbly—the Champagne Truffle. The taste of the Champagne paired with our Private Reserve Dark Chocolate (64%) is an unbelievable taste thrill. You can even feel the bubble tickle you tongue.

    By Authentically American we guarantee great American chocolate flavor thrills made by American labor in our Los Angeles Chocolate Studios. Our premium cacao beans are roasted, processed and refined in California; we use Hawaiian-grown cacao beans in selected items; our proprietary all-natural flavors are made in Southern, California; our packaging is made and printed in Dallas, Texas; our specialty molds and equipment are made in upstate New York. We’re proud to be American and support the US economy.

    Please remember, you can purchase your chocolate at The Candy Basket and send it to members of our armed forces overseas fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for Easter by US Mail at very reasonable costs. They are all waiting to be remembered.

    Ed Engoron