Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring is coming!

    The weather was so dreary today, it was easy to feel down and dreary.  But something clever came in the mail to the shop today, and now I'm dreaming of spring in a big way.

Feast your eyes on these adorable edibles!
Are they not the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen?!?!  They're regular cupcakes decorated with Jelly Bellies and other candies from the company to look like spring flowers!
The Jelly Belly company sent us a cute little cupcake flyer, and besides Christmas trees and Halloween pumpkins, this picture stopped me in my tracks!  
The artists used bunny corn (candy corn in spring colors) and various pastel Jelly Bellies to create these precious cupcakes.  
It's too bad my little grandson lives so far away.....this is enough to make me want to borrow somebody's grandkids and get creative in the kitchen!
Our spring/Easter candy will be arriving next Tuesday, and we're anxious to get it all out and displayed on our shelves.  
Spring has always been my favorite season at the shop.  By now, I'm so ready for bright colors and pretty's such a refreshing change!  Besides, candy just looks like spring to me....and I hope to be able to make some candy look like spring cupcakes like the ones above!
Happy, creative spring is just around the corner!

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