Friday, August 28, 2009

Bee Happy!

How can you help but smile?!?! These solar operated dancing flowers are sure to put a smile on anyone's face! We're thinking of lining them up in the front window and letting them dance all day! Although they are useful for nothing (other than smiles and good cheer), we feel these Bee Happy Dancing Flowers will be a hit on window sills in Metro area kitchens! They're on their way, and will cost under $10. Colors are assorted, and we're going to have a ball with them.
Speaking of smiles and good cheer, some of our favorite smiles come from customers who actually get a sample of our (current) favorite CFC chocolates. They're made in Oklahoma by a fabulous British chocolatier, and we are happy to sample out some of their sweet goodness. CFC stands for Champagne, Fragola, Chocolat (Champagne, Strawberries and chocolate), and we have their signature CFC piece in both milk and dark chocolates. It's okay to ask for a sample.....but we draw the line at begging for more!
More later......
Have a happy week, and come see us.

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